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11 Fun Activities Stowe, Vermont In Fall

Through the trees and the foliage of north-central Vermont, you’ll find Stowe – a charming little town with a classic New England feel. Home to some of the best leaf peeping in the US, tasty apple cider, and picturesque hikes, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy in Stowe, Vermont in fall!

So, if you’re looking for the ideal town to visit in the fall, look no further – you found it! To make sure you hit all the top spots, we put together a list of the 11 best fall activities in Stowe, Vermont.

Pack your bags, and let’s get started!

White church in Stowe, VT amongs fall foliage.

1. Drive Through Smuggler’s Notch

Take a drive through Smugglers Notch, where you’ll follow the historical path of smugglers from the 19th century. During Thomas Jefferson’s time as the president, he outlawed trade with Canada and Great Britain- putting Vermonters who relied on that business in a tough situation.

Seemingly overnight, the trail, now known as Smuggler’s Notch, became a hotspot for illegal trade. The illicit route stayed busy through the 20th century during the prohibition years. Today, it’s one of the most beautiful drives to do in New England.

In the fall, you’ll be driving through a fiery orange forest with stunning views of the region. Don’t miss out!

2. Gold Brook Covered Bridge (Emily’s Bridge)

Covered bridges are sort of Vermont’s thing. Well, actually, it has the most covered bridges per square mile than any other state – pretty impressive! Stowe is lucky enough to be home to the haunted Gold Brook Covered Bridge—also known as Emily’s Bridge.

What makes it haunted, you ask? Apparently, the ghost of a heartbroken girl who died there can be seen roaming the bridge at night, so consider yourself warned.

John W. Smith built the bridge in 1844, and it is Vermont’s only remaining Howe truss bridge on a public highway. So, for covered bridge fanatics, Emily’s Bridge is an absolute must.

Covered bridge in Vermont.

3. Stowe Cider Tasting

At some point during your Stowe, Vermont trip, you should head over to Stowe Cider. The team of cider makers concoct unique and tasty flavors like the Vermont Grown Raspberry Blackberry cider – don’t mind if I do!

New ciders are constantly being rotated in, so get a flight and try all the current seasonal options.

4. Explore Main Street

There’s nothing like exploring the main street of a New England town, and Stowe has as much charm as any of them. Take a stroll downtown, pop into all the different shops, like Shaw’s General Store, and explore the picture-perfect white steeple church.

If you are ready for a bite to eat, head over to Café on Main. The restaurant serves up scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and baked goods seven days a week, every week. It’s one of Stowe’s staples and a highly recommended stop for any foodies.

After you have had a chance to eat, check out the Bear Pond Books Store to pick up some fall reading material!

5. Gondola Ride

Over at Stowe Mountain Resort, you can take a gondola up Mount Mansfield – Vermont’s highest peak. The panoramic view is the ideal way to soak up the fall scenery engulfing the town. The goodness doesn’t stop when you reach the top. Once you step off the gondola, there are multiple hiking trails to choose from, or head to Cliff House Restaurant and enjoy a drink while gazing at the unbelievable views.

In the fall, you have two options to get back down: take the gondola or zipline! If you are worried about having to fly down the mountain alone, don’t worry! You can pair up with your friend or partner and zip on down together! What better way to experience the multicolored foliage, right?

6. Stowe Farmers Market

Going to a town’s farmers market is one of the best ways to get a taste of its culture – literally. Every Sunday, local vendors set up their booths and offer a range of fresh produce, meat, cheese, berries, syrup, bread, and milk; you name it, they got it.

Other vendors sell handmade jewelry, bags, pottery, and photographs. So, whatever you choose to buy, you’ll know the money is supporting local farmers and artists.

To get prepared for all the vendors that you want to visit, check out everything you need to know about the market here!

7. Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Nothing says fall quite like apple cider. Visiting the Cold Hollow Cider Mill is a must-do activity in Stowe. Inside, you can go on a free, self-guided tour and learn all about the apple cider making process. When you’re done, you can buy the mill’s perfectly crafted cider. There’s also a hard cider tasting room for adults – now we’re talking!

Oh, and one more thing, Cold Hollow Cider Mill is known for its mouthwatering apple cider donuts. And, obviously, a tall glass of apple cider is the perfect drink to wash them down.

After all, there’s no such thing as too much apple cider.

8. Nebraska Noll Sugar Farm

We all know that maple syrup comes from maple trees, but have you ever wondered how they actually extract and make it? Well, all your questions can be answered at the Nebraska Noll Sugar Farm! It’s a family-owned operation that was established in 1980. Every year between March and April, the family taps over 9,000 sugar maple trees and boils the liquid into syrup.

At the Nebraska Noll Sugar Farm, you can taste and purchase all the delicious syrups it has to offer and get an in-depth explanation of the production process.

You might be interested to know that it takes about 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup – who knew?

9. Moss Glen Falls

Just when you think Stowe can’t get any more picturesque, the cascading Moss Glen Falls takes it to a whole new level. The waterfall is actually the tallest in Vermont, and it’s quite easy to access.

Just a 5-minute drive from Stowe’s main street, the trail takes about 20-minutes to hike there and back from the waterfall. As you walk down the trail, you’ll reach a fork; go right to visit the base of the falls or go left to get a higher view of it.

Keep in mind that the trail can get a bit slick after it rains or snows. So, be careful and don’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing –it’s a great hike for all ages!

10. Breweries

If you’ve had enough cider and want to try something else, head over to one of the great breweries in Stowe. Here are two of the best in town that will leave you satisfied:

The Alchemist Brewery: The Alchemist brews up two of Vermont’s most popular beers, the Heady Topper and Focal Banger. The beer garden is open Thursday to Sunday, where you can drink all the beer you want and snack on some small bites (Chips, pretzels, rolls, etc.). The brewery also offers guided tours for anyone interested.

Idletyme Brewing Company: Arguably the most popular brewery in town, at Idletyme, you can sit down with a beer that was brewed on sight and order up a burger or some fried pickles. You’ll be living the good life! The brewmaster’s name is Will Gilson, and he’s known for having 20 years of experience and putting together some of the best beer recipes.

11. Trapp Family Lodge

The von Trapp family – the family who inspired The Sound of Music – settled in Stowe, Vermont in the 1940s. They purchased a huge plot of land and built the 27-room Trapp Family Lodge. A disastrous fire burnt down the original structure in 1980, and a new 96-room lodge was built to replace it.

You can head up to the Trapp Family Lodge to enjoy the views and learn all about the von Trapp family history!

Best Time to Visit

When it comes to catching the vibrant color of the fall leaves, timing is everything. Plan your trip for some time between early September and mid-October. The last two weeks of September are known to flaunt the whole range of colors – greens, oranges, reds, and yellows. But no matter what, as long as you get there before the season ends, you’ll be stunned by its beauty.

Don’t forget that Stowe is a great place to go skiing for the weekend in the winter. If you are itching to get back to Stowe after your fall trip, come on back and hit the slopes at the Stowe Mountain Resort!

Final Thoughts

Visiting Stowe, Vermont in the fall should be on everyone’s US travel list. The lovely little town is home to tasty eats and drinks, beautiful nature, and a historical past. You know that old saying, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to? Well, that might be the best way to sum up Stowe. It has a nostalgic New England feel that you’ll think about long after your visit is over. Fall is coming sooner than you think, so don’t wait to book your trip!

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